A leading China-based deep groove ball bearings manufacturer, Mos is specialized in producing miniature and small sized bearings of many types. Its output of miniature bearings is ranked No.1 in the bearing industry in China, among which that of stainless steel thin-wall miniature bearings accounts for up to 15% of the national output of bearings. Currently, MOS' products are covering many kinds and types including industrial equipment bearings, house appliances bearings, automobile bearings, office appliances bearings, medical appliances bearings, etc., mainly for the overseas markets.
We also do OEM business, enter into joint ventures or build a third brand with our clients or partners, among which you can see such world giants as GM, Panasonic, Black & Decker, Shimano, NIDEC, Bosch, VALEO, Ricoh, Samsung, LG, OH-SUNG, Emerson, NIX, Siemens, Konica-Minolta, etc.

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