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Failed Wheel Bearing Test

The outer wheel bearing partially failed in the previous test, so the cage and rollers of the outer bearing were simply removed from the spindle to create a complete failed bearing condition. A 3 mm (Ya in) round plate, 200 mm (7 3/4 in.) in diameter, was placed over the hub and held in place by the wheel nut as shown in FIGURE 7. This was done with hopes that the plate would hold the wheel in place until the truck was up to highway speed, when it could wear out or bend out of the way, allowing the wheel assembly to move laterally.

It became apparent after one lap around the test track, that the plate did not fail as expected, so it was taken off. After taking the plate off, the vehicle was driven one and one-half more rounds of the same path around the test track and 10 laps of a shorter path, clockwise around the large triangle. The total distance traveled for this test was approximately 50 km (30 mi).

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