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Bearings Work Reliably at Sub-zero Temperatures

Vending machines come in a wide variety of sizes and capabilities. One Micromech customer needed help in the design and manufacture of an ice cream vending machine. The machine had to operate without field maintenance. It also had to cater for a wide range of bisizes to accommodate a range of product shapes, sizes and weights.

It had to have guaranteed product delivery and operate effectively at temperatures of -24 to -29C.These requirements placed considerable importance on the bearing selection for the robotic pick and place module.

The designers selected the Spyraflo FSSD-250 self-clinching, self-aligning, stainless steel housed, Delrin bearing.The clinching capability ensures the bearings are securely mounted in the sheet steel chassis, while the self-aligning capability allows the most economic material and machining solutions to be used.

At the same time the bearings guaranteed long life and fast and consistent performance.

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