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Bearings Programme Cuts GBP130,000 in Maintenance

NSK's Asset Improvement Programme (AIP) has been used by a manufacturer of sugar coated sweets, saving GBP130,000 in annual bearings and maintenance costs, as well as improving reliability and increasing productivity. The manufacturer had a problem with water getting into the bearings on a conveyor carrying sweets.

This was causing crystallisation of sugar on the equipment and leading to costly machine breakdowns, resulting in lost production, which was costing the company over GBP254,000 per year.This ongoing cost was unsustainable, so an initiative was released with a view to sourcing more durable bearings.As part of this initiative, engineers from NSK's AIP were called in to give advice.

The NSK engineers identified the sugar crystallisation problem and suggested a solution using NSK's Molded Oil bearings.

These units employ a solid lubricant to transform the performance of machinery, in terms of reliability, maintenance free intervals and operation, in environments exposed to high humidity, corrosion and contamination.

Moulded Oil offers more than twice the operating life of grease lubrication in water-contaminated environments.Operating environments are kept free of grease and there is no need for refilling of lubricant, as Molded Oil provides a continuous supply of lubricating oil.Molded Oil bearing inserts were fitted to the conveyor and trialled over a period of 18 months.

The manufacturer then ordered Molded Oil inserts to replace all original bearings when they failed.Regreasing has now been eliminated, representing an additional major saving in labour and downtime.

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