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SKF Releases Jaeger SJ Series Linear Actuators

SJ Series electromechanical linear actuators provide ideal repetitive-motion solutions for AC-powered applications. They can perform reliably and efficiently in a wide range of motion-driven equipment and devices functioning in settings from healthcare to office.

The UL approved AC actuators (115VAC and 230VAC) feature motors offering thermal protection up to 120F, integrated limit switches, Acme screw and metal gearbox. All contribute to promote quiet and virtually maintenance-free operation.

SJ Series actuators are available in three standard types with the capability to achieve load capacities up to 5000N and speeds (no load or full load) up to 7.2mm/sec, depending on model. Stroke lengths range from 100mm to 600mm.

Users can specify AC actuator tube type (outer and inner tube or inner tube with or without plastic dust protection cover); configuration for mounting (square, tube, or clevis method); cable connector; and onboard potentiometer for feedback.

Customized cable lengths can be ordered and additional customization options can be engineered to satisfy particular application requirements.

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