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FIT Bearings Wins Web Address Action Against Ningbo Flight

The United Nations' World Intellectual Property Organization has found in favor of FIT Bearings (USA) in its action against Ningbo Flight International Industrial Co. Ltd. (China).

WIPO found Ningbo Flight guilty of cybersquatting and that it had acted in bad faith registering as a website address.

FIT Bearings successfully argued that Ningbo Flight's sole intent in registering was to exploit the potential confusion of Internet traffic destined for

In its decision, WIPO said Ningbo Flight attempted, "to ride on the goodwill of Complainant’s trade mark in an attempt to exploit, for commercial gain, Internet traffic destined for [FIT Bearing]."

The panel found Ningbo Flight failed every test for legitimate right or reason to register Further, the company could not produce evidence it had been legally incorporated in China, and did not use the website except to capture and redirect traffic to its own website.

Cybersquatting is a crime in virtually every jurisdiction around the world, such as the United States' Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act. However, when the complaint crosses international boundaries, as FIT Bearings', jurisdiction falls to the United Nations copyright agency, WIPO, which gained that power in 1999.

WIPO does not assess financial penalties, but forced Ningbo Flight to turn over the domain name. FIT Bearings said it will operate and together.

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