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MOS Spotlight: NKE Deep Groove Ball Bearings Run Quietly

A cost-effective range of single-row deep groove ball bearings is claimed by NKE Austria to excel with reduced running noise, longer relubrication intervals and a low starting torque.

Austrian bearing manufacturer, NKE Austria, has introduced its range of single row deep groove ball bearings. NKE said that its single-row deep groove ball bearings  excel with their reduced running noise, longer relubrication intervals and a low starting torque, making them a highly cost-effective choice.

NKE told manufacturingtalk that the deep groove ball bearings  are subjected to stringent, documented quality inspections as well as 100% noise testing, which helps ensure their high precision and quiet operation.

The low running noise is achieved through the use of a new type of lubricant, which also minimises the bearings' starting torque - even at low operating temperatures.

The lubricant has a long service life over a wide temperature range: from -50 deg C to +150 deg C.

* Contamination protection - the bearings feature a pair of newly developed double-lipped labyrinth seals, which provide better protection from contamination and improve grease retention in spite of the low friction.

The bearings' raceways have an enhanced surface finish, which reduces wear and keeps the operating temperature low.

Their high-grade balls ensure smooth running and reduced noise compared to conventional deep groove ball bearings, said NKE.

The range of single-row deep groove ball bearings is available from stock in the size ranges 6000 to 6012, 6200 to 6212, and 6300 to 6310.

Bore diameters are from 10mm to 60mm or 50mm, in open version, 2RS2 version (sealed with two synthetic rubber seals) and 2Z version (sealed with two steel shields).

Clearances are CN (standard) and C3.

Other versions and sizes are available on request.

* About NKE - NKE Austria is a premium class bearing manufacturer with headquarters in Steyr, Austria.

The company with about 140 employees was founded in 1996 by a group of senior staff members of former company Steyr Walzlager.

NKE offers both standard and special bearings for all industrial applications.

NKE's core functions - engineering, product development, final processing of components, assembly, quality assurance, logistics, and sales and marketing - are centralised at its Steyr headquarters.

The site is accredited to ISO 9001:2000 (design, development, production and distribution of bearings) and ISO 14001:2004.

Its wide range of standard bearings is available from stock or at short production lead-times.

It also provides tailored products and solutions.

In addition to product and application development, NKE also provides a full range of technical services, consulting, documentation and training.

NKE products are distributed through 15 international representative offices and more than 240 distribution outlets in 60 countries.

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