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six types of bearings

Type Description Stiffness* Speed Life Notes
plain bearing rubbing surfaces, with lubricant Good, provided wear is low, but some slack is normally present low/moderate (often requires cooling) moderate (depends on lubrication) The simplest type of bearing, widely used, relatively high friction
Rolling element bearing Ball or rollers are used to prevent or minimise rubbing Good, but some slack is usually present moderate-high (often requires cooling) moderate (depends on lubrication, often requires maintenance) Used for higher loads than plain bearings with lower friction
jewel bearing off-center bearing rolls in seating Low due to flexing low adequate (needs cleaning and lubrication requires maintenance) Mainly used in low-load, high precision work such as clocks
fluid bearing Fluid is forced between two faces and held in by edge seal Very high Very high- speeds usually limited by seals Virtually infinite in some applications, may wear at startup/shutdown in some cases Can fail quickly due to grit or dust or other contaminants. Maintenance free in continuous use.
magnetic bearings Faces of bearing are kept separate by magnets (electromagnets or eddy currents) low Infinite Infinite Often needs considerable power. Maintenance free.
Flexure bearing Material flexes to give and constrain movement low Very high Very high or low depending on materials and strain in application Limited range of movement

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