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Bearing-Related Topics at Industrial Conference

"Lean, Reliable & Lubed 2008," an industrial conference and exhibition slated for May 20-22 in Nashville, will have a wide variety of bearing-related topics on the agenda.

The conference and expo encompasses Lean Manufacturing 2008, Reliability World 2008, and Lubrication Excellence 2008.

Arguably, virtually every one of the dozens of presentations at any conference including lubrication also applies to bearings ... but a few specific conference sessions stand out:

Best Available Techniques and the Reliability of Rolling Element Bearings
by Arnold Elgqvist of Servicios Tecnologicos Corporativos.

TPM with RCM Forming a Powerful Combination
by Michael Trainor of SKF Corporation.

The Lean Replacement of Bearings, Pumps and Motors
by Timothy Wellbaker and Andy Page of Allied Reliability

How to Monitor and Save Gearboxes Using Oil Analysis
as applies to remote wind turbines, by Paul Froome and Tom Kent of Kittiwake Developments Ltd.

Electric Motor Lubrication
by Jeremy Wright of Noria Corp.

Among the companies with exhibits at the show are Timken, Daido, Emerson, SKF, and SPM Instrument.

The conference website is here:

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