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UBC Lectures to Shanghai University’s Global Management Education Institute

Upon the invitation of Professor Balaji Krishnan, Ph.D, UBC has lectured to GLMBA (Global Local MBA) students for the Shanghai University's Global Management Education Institute, making a practical example of how UBC, with its Global Brand, Global Strategy, has successfully expanded to the global marketplace.


The lecture has been divided into three parts. The first has been given by Mr. Li WenHui, UBC National Sales Manager, giving insights into the current opportunities and trends in the domestic market and how UBC has implemented successful channel distribution management and brand building policies. The second part has been jointly given by Mr. Terrence Tan and Engr. Mark Sy; Vice President for Export Department and General Manager-General Industries for Export Department respectively. Mr. Tan has introduced UBC company background and profile, while Mr. Sy has gone into detailing effective international distributor selection criteria that significantly accounts for the great success UBC has achieved internationally.


What has been initially planned as a one-hour lecture progressed into two hours, with the students’ enthusiastic response and eager questions to know more about the company’s business and brand building strategies in light of today’s dynamic and increasingly competitive market, as China evolves towards globalization and consumers demand for better and more diverse services.


In the said event is also Miss Albina Hao, UBC Marketing Manager who participated in the rigorous question-and-answer portion of the lecture.


Professor Balaji Krishnan, Ph.D, is currently preparing a case study of UBC.


UBC plans to work with Shanghai University for more collaborative efforts with similar projects and PR programs.

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