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Example: Replacing Existing 88506 Bearings With 6206 Bearings

The 88506 and 6206 are not interchangeable because the 88506 has wider extended inner rings. But, using 6206's gives many more options with seal, clearance and grease options than using 88506’s does. There are several possible methods for replacing 88506’s with 6206’s. One method is to making on a lathe spacer bushings for above and below the bearing. Thus a “sandwich” of spacer|6206|spacer replaces the 88506.

1. Use 6206 with low friction seals. Rubber seals have good sealing, but lower friction than a normal sealed bearing. They can operate up to 12000 rpm compared to 7500 rpm for normal sealed bearings. Most good quality bearing manufacturers have low friction seal options, eg SKF.

2. Use a shielded 6206 and mount a Nilos Ring above the top bearing. A nilos ring is a metal shield you mount outside the bearing. It has a thin sealing lip than rubs against the one bearing. The ones in these pictures rotate with the shaft and seals against the outer ring of the bearing. It is quite an effective seal and it will help a lot to keep dust out of the bearings, but they also have a speed limit.

Nilos Ring

Nilos Ring

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