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Bearing Lifespan

Most industrial equipment was designed for a bearing life designated B-10. This equates to an average 100,000 hours of operation before 10% of the bearings fail under a given load. If bearings are too lightly loaded however, the balls will skid and cause premature failure.

A pump in a paper mill will likely run 24/7 and get a maintenance shutdown twice a year. In terms of operating hours that's a far cry from what a woodworking machine will run even in a production job shop.

Another important factor for sealed bearings is the life of the grease. Grease cannot be added to sealed bearings as with open bearings. Therefore, the bearing life will basically be determined by the grease life. Grease life is determined by factors such as:
  • bearing type
  • bearing size
  • operating speed
  • operating temperature
  • vibration levels
  • level of contamination
  • horizontal / vertical mounting

Getting the shaft to run true in a fairly well balanced condition trumps bearing selection most of the time, at least in the world below 7 or 8 grand.

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