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Bearing storage and handling

Rolling bearings should be stored in a cool, clean, low humidity environment free of dust, shocks and vibrations. Storing bearings directly on the floor should therefore be avoided. If stocks of bearings are kept, it is important to impose the practise of stock rotation. SKF bearings are preserved and packaged to ensure that when complying to these storage circumstances the storage life will be several years.

The simplest and most effective bearing maintenance is to keep the bearing clean. Contamination will shorten the life of any bearing and the importance of cleanliness cannot be overstressed.

The following considerations are important for bearing maintenance:
  All components should be clean and dry.
  Cleaning material should be readily available.
  Cotton waste should not be used to clean or dry bearings.
  Clean hands and tools when mounting are a must.

Before mounting the bearing the following should always be observed:
  Make sure that housing and shaft are clean and not damaged.
  Make sure that the new bearing is identical to the one being replaced
  Ensure that the lubricant to be used is clean and of the correct specification.
  Make sure the necessary tools and equipment are at hand.
  Keep the work area clean.

When mounting the bearing the following should always be observed:
  Do not remove the bearing from its wrapping until the last moment.
  Do not try to wash the bearing. The preservative used is compatible with mineral based oils and greases and should only be removed from the bore and the outside diameter of the bearing's outer ring. A lint-free cloth dampened with a cleaning agent is suitable for this purpose.
  Ensure that the mounting forces are only applied to the bearing ring with the interference fit.
  Use a minimum force with maximum control method.
  Lightly coat the mating surfaces with oil.

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