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ZKL Achieved IIP Certificate Award (Pic)

     In June 2008 the final audit of the project implementing the international standard Investors in People in ZKL, a.s. took its successful course. The final audit was performed by the International Quality Center seated in United Kingdom and the awarded certificate has validity of three years. It is the sole internationally accepted standard in the management and development of human resources monitoring the company ability to efficiently utilize and develop its employees. The IIP certificate award for our company means guarantee of high level of human resources management and proof that employees development is in harmony with the advancement of the enterprise.

10 reasons for IIP:

1.It guarantees employees development
2.It motivates for implementation of company goals
3.It attracts people in the system of work for company
4.It enables better communication within the company
5.It supports the feedback provision
6.It assists in materialization of internal changes
7.It contributes to higher satisfaction of people
8.It reduces absenteeism, fluctuation and accident incidence rate
9.It improves the company efficiency
10.It is an internationally accepted practice in human resources management

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