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NTN Low vibration bearing for CT scanner gantry

       NTN Corporation (hereafter NTN) has developed a new Low Vibration Bearing for use in CT scanners. The new bearing uses an integral dynamic dampener for reducing gantry vibration.

        NTN has been supplying bearings for medical CT scanner gantries to customers in Japan and overseas. Demands for these bearings are expected to increase further due to an aging society, developments in Brazil, Russia, India and China as well as the expanded use of CT scanners in small and medium-sized hospitals to enhance medical care.

         In the CT scanner a rotating body called the gantry, which includes the imaging equipment such as the X-ray tube and detection device, is supported by a bearing and frame. The weight of the CT scanner is constrained by the ability of the floor to carry the weight of the machine. In an effort to open more locations for CT scanners, manufacturers are looking for ways to simplify and reduce the weight of the frame. Unfortunately this can cause an increase in vibration affecting the imaging accuracy of the CT scanner.

         NTN developed the Low Vibration Bearing for use in CT scanners to address these concerns. NTN installed an integral dynamic dampener to reduce vibration in the gantry. One important aspect of this development is that the bearing dimensions remain the same as the conventional bearing. No additional space is necessary on the gantry for housing the dynamic dampener.

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