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How to Use a Bearing Circle

Note Follow the steps in the table to properly obtain a bearing.

1.Place the ring on top of the repeater, then gently twist the handles to lock in place.

2.Orient the bearing circle with the peep sight nearest to you and the far vane closest to the object to be sighted.

3.Look through the peep sight and view the object inside the far vane.

4.Rotate the bearing circle left or right to align the vertical wire in the far vane with the center of the object.

5.Keep the bearing circle level by observing the spirit level.

6.When the object is in line with the peep sight and wire, observe the bearing reflected from the mirror in the housing from the compass card.

7.Determine which compass mark is aligned with the crosshair seen in the mirror, and read the bearing. Information concerning how to use the azimuth circle will be presented in the Celestial Navigation chapter.

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