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New bearings’seal can return the Lubricants to the bearing

 the characteristics of the New low-friction bearing seal Liquid is to form a special Labiatae by a sine wave on the surface of bearings. Sealing will make the Lubricants return to the bearings, so as to avoid the gearbox, motor, transmission, drive system, reducer and pump to be  weared. The technology has been conferred the American patents.
    Sine wave will return to the  Lubricants to bearing on its axis in the removal of Lamiaceae (although rotary axis) of dirt stranded at best, removing the dirt on the  surface of bearing
    This unique design of the Labiatae contact point (because of heat cracks, blisters, hardening or lubricants such as decomposition of the reasons for the failure to seal the possibility of premature minimum) heat by 25% to 35%, reduce friction torque or friction 20 percent, and restrain the axis of wear and tear. Compared with ordinary lubricants, the design of the greater area are more larger.
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