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The effection of lubrication to the bearings

In general, to make sure that the Rolling bearing operate effectively and reliablely, there must be adequate lubrication, to prevent occurring the direct contacts between  the rolling and roll cage, (contacts between metals).

    Lubricants can prevent wear and to protect the bearing surfaces from corrosion.

    Therefore, the design of the bearing about type and amount of lubricant is one of the factors to be considered. Bearing should be based on a variety of specific application to choose a suitable method of lubricants and lubrication, with the correct dimension households equally important.

   For the rolling bearing grease and lubricants there are many different types, and applies to very high temperature work under the conditions of solid lubricants. Lubricant bearing the choice depends largely on the working conditions (such as temperature range and speed, and the impact of the surrounding environment).

    The most a small amount of lubricant to bearings to maintain the reliability, can achieve the ideal temperature. If you need a lubricant other features (for example, sealed or removed heat, etc.), then the general need to use more lubricant.

    Because of mechanical aging and pollution and the accumulation of special (based on the actual environment), the bearings in the distribution of the lubricant will gradually lose its function of lubrication. Regular supplement or replace grease the case of lubricating oil is required, if it is lubricants .it must be required a suitable filter system and the replacement regularly.
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