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The characteristics of deep groove ball bearings

Deep groove ball bearings are made up by a Rings, a group of Cage, a group of steel ball generally. Its structure is simple and uses easily, so it is a kind of bearings that is the most common  in production,and is the most extensive in application. The types of bearings usually  used to bear radial load. However,it can also withstand the axial load form a certain amount of the direction. In a certain extent, increasing the radial bearing clearance, such bearing has the nature of angular contact ball bearings, it also can take greater axial loads. Deep groove ball bearings installed in the shaft, the shaft will cover the axial displacement or restrictions in the axial bearing clearance limits. At the same time, when the shell holes and shaft (or outer ring of the inner ring) have tilted relative, (no more than 8-16 determined in accordance with clearance) can still work normally. However, that is tilted exist, it must reduce bearing life. Deep groove ball bearings and other types of bearing the same size compared with the minimum loss of friction, higher speed limits, should not be used in high speed thrust ball bearings circumstances, such bearings can be used pure axial load to bear. Should the manufacturers improve their accuracy and use of bakelite, bronze, aluminum and other hard material entities Cage, its speed can be improved. 

   Widespread use: gearbox, instruments, electrical machinery, household appliances, internal combustion engines, transport vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, engineering machinery, and so on.

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