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The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to the Chinese bearing industry bring tremendous opportunities for pr

Since China has become the 28th session of the Olympic Games organizers, particularly after the birth of the official mascot of the Olympic Games, "Olympic economy" appeared frequently in major Chinese media, and have become the focus of attention, with people on the Olympic economy to the tremendous opportunity with great expectations, and looks forward to the    Olympic Games to create economic miracles.
        Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the whole of China will be the economic development of a significant role in promoting. After the success of the bid for seven years, the Beijing Olympic Games Beijing stimulating economic growth each year from 1 to 2 percentage points, and promote China's economic growth from 0.3 to 0.4 percentage points. Industry experts believe: As China's economic development is very fast, with as many as 1.3 billion people on the enthusiasm of the Olympic Games than any other country organizing the Olympic Games, the 2008 Olympic Games will be the development of the market better than expected, it will be more profitable.
        Olympic economy is a big concept, covering multifaceted, multi-level content. Olympic economy that is "Games economy" can promote related industries, such as telecommunications, transport, tourism, catering, such as the development of the industry, resulting in a huge indirect economic benefits. Performance is the most obvious direct and hosting of the Olympic    

 Games-related investment and consumption, such as: urban infrastructure and the construction of the Olympic venues. Beijing 2008 Olympic Games construction of sports facilities, a total investment of about 280 billion yuan, of which about 64% will be channeled to infrastructure facilities and the construction of sports facilities. Bearing industry machinery industry is an important industry in the system, in the national economy plays an important role. Olympic Electrical and Mechanical support for the project bearing demand and stimulate the demand for bearings, bearing a huge market to build a platform to promote the further development of the bearings industry.
      My bearings industry is already the biggest bright spot with a larger scale of production. 2003 industry-wide two years ahead of schedule to achieve industry "15" planning targets; 2004, SKF Bearing sales in China after Japan, Germany and Sweden, the world No. 4. But with the world bearing industrial power than there are still a significant gap between us. The main performance for high-precision, high-tech content and the low proportion of high value-added products, products of poor, low reliability, short life. Through the convening of the 2008 Olympic Games, we have been bearing industry more learning opportunities for advanced technology from abroad, is conducive to China's bearing technology R & D and innovation.
        Olympic economy is attention economy, but also name-brand economy. Games for some enterprises set a good image for their brand to the world provides a rare opportunity with the arena. In many sponsors, a place on the bearing industry. Bearing the amount of the sponsorship industry, the Beijing Olympic Games is to bring great benefits, also the world through the Olympic Games of the local enterprise to show the bearing production characteristics, on the one hand and expanded China Bearing Enterprises fame on the other hand, increase with the foreign opportunities for cooperation, explore the overseas market bearings.
      The convening of the Olympic Games to Beijing bearing industry with a huge profit for the bearing industry to provide greater market space. Therefore, the bearings industry should firmly grasp the opportunities for development, China's bearing to the world market.
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