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2008 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition

   Since 1990, the China International Bearing Industry Exhibition has become one of the pivotal industry events in the world. Now in 2008, 
the China International Bearing Industry Exhibition is the largest 
exhibition for bearings anywhere, boasting over 32,000 sq. meters with 
an estimated 600 global exhibitors and approximately 80,000 visitors 
Management believes this exhibition will provide an excellent opportunity
for the company to meet with industry leaders and operators to showcase
their products and services. It has become much more than just a large 
exhibition, it is the main stage for the buying and selling products and
ervices, the exchange of technology, the sharing of ideas, and industry


About us:

As a leading deep groove ball bearing manufacturer in China, MOS is specialized in producing miniature and small sized bearings of many types. Its output of miniature bearings is ranked No.1 in the bearing industry in China, among which that of stainless steel thin-wall miniature bearings accounts for up to 15% of the national output of bearings.

Since 1997, MOS has been successively certified to ISO9001ISO14001ISO/TS16949, etc. With the establishment of ERP system, MOS has greatly improved its management, operations and efficiency. With its good performance and management practices, MOS has been awarded many honors and titles by the government agencies and industrial associations, and in successive years has been awarded the title of the Best Supplier by Black & Decker.

The bearings produced by MOS are widely used in various areas such as household electric appliances, office automation, automobiles, motorcycles, industrial motors, electric tools, advanced fishing tools, food machinery, textile machines, electric toys, navigation meters and instruments, precision electric machines, medical apparatus and instruments, and sewing machines, etc.

Currently, MOS products are mainly for export. Its clients are from many countries and regions and among them we can see such world giants as GM, Panasonic, Black & Decker, Shimano, NIDEC, Bosch, VALEO, Ricoh, Samsung, LG, OH-SUNG, Emerson, NIX, Siemens, Konica-Minolta, etc.

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