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Basics of bearings

As a leading deep groove ball bearing manufacturer in China, MOS is specialized in producing    miniature and small sized bearings of many types.At first ,as a bearing manufacturer, we would like to talk about the basics of bearings.

Bearings are basically used to ease friction between moving parts. They are also used to carry load in certain industries such as those that handle materials. They find application in rotating parts of virtually all machines and automobiles. The automobile industry is the major user segment for bearings, followed by general engineering, heavy industries and railways.

   Bearing makers are developing new technology with the aim of further improving production efficiency and protecting the environment. To meet customers requirement they are carrying out bearing related research and development of application technology in order to create bearings with improved compactness, reduced weight, greater speed capability higher precision, longer life and greater ability to perform satisfactorily in severe usage environments, such as extremely low and high temperatures and vaccums, as found in outer space etc., In addition, bearing makers are providing aggressive technical service to customers from development through mass production to meet their needs during all stages.

   With increasing international quality demand, modernisation is naturally need of the bearing industry today. The industry has been making continuous efforts to improve upon the quality parameters either with help of collaborators of by installing the latest machines. The bearings manufactured by the indian industry have to improve considerably to meet international standards.

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