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2008 Shanghai International Bearing Summit Forum

2008 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition (2008 BEARING) will be held at Shanghai in September 23 to 26, 2008. In the meantime, China Bearing Industry Association (CBIA) will also host 2008 Shanghai International Bearing Summit Forum. CBIA will invite main domestic executives from metallurgy, automobiles, machine tools and wind power generation industry as well as main bearing production executives home and abroad to participate in the forum.

The main contents of the forum include: Invite concerned leaders from national authorities and CBIA to make reports on China national economy and the development trend of bearing industry; Invite domestic and overseas main bearing production executives to make speech or issue news on the development and strategies of their enterprises; Organize executives from main equipment industry and main bearing enterprises home and abroad to exchange ideas and have discussions in terms of different sectors.

The bearing summit forum will attract more bearing users from equipment industry to participate in 2008 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition. That will promote the communication and cooperation between supply and demand parties and will enhance the overall effect of the exhibition.

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