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China Bearing Industry Website

The most professional website in bearing industry, China Bearing Industry Website is a unique portal website sponsored by China Bearing Industry Association (CBIA), corporate with vice board chairman units and domestic famous bearing enterprises. For the purpose of promoting development of bearing industry, the aim of website is to serve all the manufacturers and users both at home and abroad, to provide the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information.

According to the demand of users we set up more than 20 columns, such as Association Column, Industry News, Product Inquiry, Bearing Trade Center, Online Exhibition, Anti-counterfeit Column, Brand Product, Equipment and Instrument, Industry Standard, Statistical Data, Quality Inspection, Planning and Forecasting,, Technical Forum, New Product Release, Address List of Enterprises, etc. We will open more new columns like Staff Training, Invite Tenders and Price Information to meet the increasing demands.

China Bearing Industry Website has built a reputation since its opening in 2003 based on timely and practical information, reliable data and authoritative content. It is in the first of specialized website that attracts an average of 7,000 visitors per day and 20,000 at best.

In accordance with the principle of strengthening international cooperation and exchange, we particularly provide English Version for overseas enterprises and users. The main content includes Introduction of CBIA, Major Manufacturer Enterprises, and Bearing & Related Product Supply and Demand Information. Only registered users are allowed to issue demand and supply information for free, we will check it for ensuring the reliability and security, please make sure the input details are correct. Also, we will inform the related manufacturers to contact with users directly if it necessary.

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