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The first steel pipe bearing industry chamber of commerce established in HuaiAn City

The Huaian first steel pipe bearing industry chamber of commerce was founded in Xuyi in few days ago.

The steel pipe bearing industry is Xuyi one of five big pillar industries. Along with attracting investments work unceasingly thorough, this county steel pipe bearing industry vigorous development, presents the total quantity to increase, the quality to optimize, the scale unceasingly to expand the good situation which unceasingly, the benefit promotes unceasingly, at present agglomerates steel pipe bearing enterprise nearly 50, it writes a check the sales revenue and the fiscal levy technical progress factor occupies this county economic development zone row series enterprise 1/3, has formed the bright industrial characteristic and the industrial superiority.

After this chamber of commerce is founded, will adopt “the service, the autonomy, to represent, coordinated” the function display, promotes the member enterprise mechanism innovation, strengthens the foreign exchange, enhancement quality consciousness and the safety consciousness, makes in the enterprise the level, on the scale, to increase the benefit, for whole city steel pipe bearing industry development main item exemplary role.

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