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Bearing's fatigue life, noise life, lubrication life

Fatigue life


In the rolling bearing generating process, withstands certain load, even if is the static load, but speaking of the steel ball and the roller conveyer, its stress is actually the repeat in cycles, the material will have the trundle to be weary, thus enables the bearing to achieve the life. Its phenomenon falls off equally suddenly likely for trundle surface material's part of scales, this kind of phenomenon is called weary flaking.


Noise life

To the domestic electric appliances bearing, the bearing withstanding load is very small, the bearing life is very long. But after the bearing revolves period of time, also will have the attrition, the vibration noise to increase, the lubricant deterioration and so on. Because is strict to the electrical appliances bearing noise request, when the bearing noise surpasses allows the scope, thought that the bearing already could not continue to use. The bearing low noise revolution's total time calls it the bearing noise life.


Lubrication life


The domestic electric appliances bearing usually uses exempts the maintenance the fat lubrication sealed bearings. Although the bearing lubrication only needs the micro lubricant, but after revolving the long time, as a result of lubricant deterioration and divulging, bearing lubrication bad, thus causes the bearing expiration. Under the bearing good lubrication condition revolves the total time calls it the bearing life.

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