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Ningbo bearing technology development engineering center synopsis

Beginning the Ningbo Mos Group Limited liability Company is founded; takes own processing technology level and the independent development ability enhancement. The company since long, in bearing's development aspect, threw in the massive manpower and the physical resource, the accumulation invests ten thousand Yuan. The company has established the Ningbo bearing technology development engineering center in 2000 (i.e. technology center), and is evaluated in 2001 by Ningbo for the municipal development center and the Zhenhai area priority project center, in 2004 December is saved the technical hall evaluation for the provincial level high technology and new technology enterprise. Under the center sets up the bearing research institute, the bearing life laboratory, the precise examination room and the physics and chemistry laboratory, is responsible for the new product the development design, the function research and the technical study. Provided the Taylor Chinese zither to stroke (TALYSURF) roughness talysurf, the Andrew vibration gage, the strengthened life testing machine, the bearing overall performance testing aircraft and so on has the international advanced level experiment check-out facility, the specialty is engaged in the bearing new product development, the key technological project attack and the fundamental research work.

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