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Maintain the bearings

The maintenance divides into the following step:


First puts in the bearing in the gasoline to clean, deletes remains on bearing's greasy dirt and the dust, everything has the rusty stain bearing to use the metallographic sandpaper to clean the polish gently, until uses the hand to trace up to not rough feeling.


After doing the rags will clean the bearing to wipe does, puts in the pickling oil to soak again. During this process, must the bearing with the pickling oil contact, not stop completely rotates the bearing, like this can cause the lubricant film cover which the pickling oil forms at bearing's surface, achieves the rust prevention the goal.


Then with the lithium base fat, the butter must spread evenly in bearing's surface, including in addendum circle, wheel, and retainer. And is wipes while rotates the bearing, causes the butter to enter in truly the bearing, plays the sufficient lubrication role.


The finish is the packing. In order to save the cost, we “recycle waste”, the warehouse abandonment's cement sack, cuts out the size appropriate sack, contracts tightly the axis, wraps securely, after labeling the good bearing's specification model, returns on the shelf to deposit.


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