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MOS Bearing in the future

MOS group to experience from 1992 to 1996 the primitive accumulation of capital first stage, 1996 to 2000 the corporation transformation's second stage, 2000 to 2003 managed the promotion the third stage, the Group, regardless of were the product quality level, the management level and the market development level and so on has the big promotion, has had the high popularity in the international mechanical profession, the comprehensive competitive power has achieved the participation international competition level.


Intermediate stage development plan: in 2007 the sales volume turns in the existing foundation, amounts to 700,000,000 Yuan. Begins the MOS industry garden construction, land-levying addition production line 66, small 32, miniature 34; Increases produces energy: Small 350,000,000 sets of/years, miniature 650,000,000 sets of/years; Increases sells for 350,000,000 Yuan/years.   


Enters the high added value to subdivide the market: Automobile electrical machinery bearing; Domestic electric appliances' high quality static sound bearing; High temperature, high speed bearing; Industrial used power tool bearing. in insisted that the bearing principal work under the premise, develops the related profession and the trade vigorously. Amounts to the sales volume 2,000,000,000 Yuan up to 2012: Bearing principal work 800,000,000 Yuan, foreign trade base 800,000,000 Renminbi, other related industrial 400,000,000 Yuan. Becomes by the bearing primarily, diversified management internationalization enterprise groups. in 2012 when company 20th anniversary, realizes the sales volume 2,000,000,000 Yuan people to pay out the coin, becomes Leading enterprise which the Chinese miniature bearing produces, holds the important position in the world colleague

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