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The world's largest energy companies up-to-date rankings

content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type" /> content="Word.Document" name="ProgId" /> content="Microsoft Word 11" name="Generator" /> content="Microsoft Word 11" name="Originator" /> In October, 2008 Pope energy information (Platts) announced the world biggest 250 energy company to place, this was this company 7th year investigation result, the investigation company altogether includes nine broad heading companies continuously: The GAZPROM, the exploration and the Development company, the refinery and the sales company, the coal company, the Electricity company, the independent nuclear power company, the natural gas use company, the synthesis company and the energy Transport company, is mainly according to the total assets value, the gross income, the profit and the investment rate of return 4 targets comes the synthesis judgment.

In the investigation 250 companies, according to the local minute, the Americas area are most, is 111, reduced 3 compared to last year; Next is European and the former Soviet Union area is 77, was impartial with last year; The Asian and Pacific area is 59, increased 2 compared to last year; The Mideast is 2, the African area most are few is only 1, reduced 1 compared to last year.

According to the profession type minute, the Electricity company is 61, increased 3 compared to last year; The GAZPROM is 40, increased 3 compared to last year; The exploration and the Development company are 25, reduced 9 compared to last year; The comprehensive company is 32, reduced 1 compared to last year; The refinery and the sales company are 34, increased 6 compared to last year; The independent nuclear power company is 19, was impartial with last year; The energy Transport company is 14, reduced 4 compared to last year; The natural gas using the company is 19, increased 4 compared to last year; The coal company is 6, reduced 2 compared to last year.

Our country is selected the company has 7, three big petroleum company China petroleum natural gas Joint-stock company, the Chinese petroleum chemical industry Limited liability company and the China National Offshore Oil Corporation places 9th, separately 15th and 34th. is situated the world first ten big companies in the newest place is: Exxon Standard, imperial Holland/Shell Group, Daodaer Feina Egypt Company, Schaeffer dragon, BP Corporation, Russian Petroleum Company, Italian Egypt Nepal group, Norwegian Statoil Hydro Corporation, Chinese Petroleum Natural gas Limited liability company, Russia gas industry Joint-stock company and Russian Rook Petroleum Company.

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