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How to participate in exhibition

Where can find opportunities for your own design in a three-dimensional space with hundreds of thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of potential customers or existing customers face-to-face conversation? Let you in just a few days to find than you Its sales would also go a whole year and more sales leads? Exhibition is that you can find one of its own kind of sales and marketing tool. However, numerous exhibitors none has been unable to effectively take full advantage of the success of the exhibition show the use of the secret may all be common sense, but it is certainly not how many people regularly use of trade.

1.       Do not sit. Sitting in the booth during the exhibition, leaves the impression that: You do not want to be disturbed.

2.       Do not read books. You usually only 2-3 seconds of each other's attention to the cause, he stopped to attract. If you look at newspapers or magazines, will not cause people's attention.

3.       Do not eat or drink in the exhibition. Will appear as vulgar, dirty and indifferent, and you eat when potential customers will not bother you.

4.       Do not call. Each with more than a minute to call, with the potential customers will be less talk about one minute.

5.       Do not hit everyone in their way of information made. This approach may be rude offensive, and therefore very expensive, you do not want to mention the high cost of promotional materials in the loss of human sea in vain. So how valuable the information sent to it in the hands of potential customers? Send him.

6.       Do not stand with other people's conversations. If you do not want visitors to your booth before the stop, they will go away. See you and other people say, they will not come to bother you. As little as possible and fellow exhibitors or booth close to talk to the staff. You should look for potential customers to talk about, not chat with your friends.

7.       To be enthusiastic. It was said that the enthusiasm shown, it will become warm, and vice versa. If you are an impatient look, you will become impatient. All-conquering warm, very appealing. To enthusiastically promote their own businesses and products. It appears in the visitors, you represent your business. You look and demeanor of the visitors will know your business have a tremendous impact.

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