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Ningbo bearing research and development and test collective services platform

This company take develops the bearing industry, the enhancement domestic product bearing's overall level as an objective, put in the massive manpower and resources to promote the company to research and develop ability and the examination level. on December 19, 2007, Ningbo bearing research and development and test collective services platform through expert appraisal. This symbolizes that I take charge of take function sharing enter the substantive stage as the goal general character technical service platform construction. Appraises the expert to believe that builds the collective services platform to need to be urgent. After the Ningbo bearing profession serves the platform completes, is advantageous to the promotion industry research and development and foreign serviceability, realizes social resource sharing, and has the good economic efficiency and the exemplary role. In consummates tests the platform in the foundation, the exploration establishment bearing technology science and technology information service system has the innovation and the feasibility. At the same time, the expert suggested that the Department concerned and the enterprise, need to further consummate serve the platform construction goal, in the system guaranteed serves well the bearing profession; The consummation and the refinement platform construction work plans and implements the step; Sharpens own technological innovation ability and product research and development ability unceasingly, reduces and the world Advanced enterprise's disparity gradually, becomes in the technology truly the pacemaker, plays the profession demonstration and the technical service support role.

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