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The reasons of bearing expiration

The bearing expires the reason often is the multi-factors, all design process of manufacture's influencing factor can with bearing's expiration related, analyzes is not easy to judge. Generally, may on the whole consider from the use factor and the intrinsic factor two aspects and analyzes.

The use factor is mainly refers to the installment adjustment, the use maintenance, the maintenance and repair and so on whether to meet the specification. Installs the condition uses one in factor most important factors, the bearing often inappropriate causes between whole set bearing various components because of the installment the stressful condition to change, the bearing under not the normal condition the revolution and the early failure. According to the bearing installment, the use, the maintenance, the maintenance specification, the load which, the rotational speed, the operating temperature, the vibration, the noise and the lubrication condition withstands to the revolution bearing carries on the monitoring and the inspection, discovered that searches the reason exceptionally immediately, makes the adjustment, makes it to restore normally. In addition, to the lubricant quality and the environmental media, the atmosphere carries on the analytical control to be very also important.

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