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Thanks for BOKEE.NET

Be in the users, we MOS Group in China is already the micro, small bearings of the leading enterprises. But business can not stop development, to seek further development, explore the international market, has become a top priority. In the development of high-speed Internet, the use of network operations, customer development is a very convenient way. But how to do so, for how to choose its own platform, has always been so puzzling.

By chance, in early 2008 we get to know, started this year with pleasure. At the beginning of the first 2 months and did not have an obvious effect, and occasionally a few customers over the price asked. But the views of the blog has been a good day, or about 500-600 more. Despite this, many of whom are invalid clicks, but to achieve such a result is not at all easy. We hope to see. The time has been more than a month; customers will be more than up. Many foreign customers through find us. The inquiry, to visit the factory, there are many. Over the next few months, the number of orders grew up. The blog also has long visit to the median 6. Filled with the economic crisis in 08 in the second half, we were able to stand Bo network through sad. Then we will come more into focus.

Bo and in the period, I not only reap the success of the business, but also became acquainted with friends from around the world. In 2009 together with the!

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