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Economic crisis, the state encourages bearings, mechanical and electrical products exports

Recently, the China Federation of Industrial Economics organized the "International Trade in 2008 to analyze the situation," the vice minister of commerce Gao Hucheng said: "The United States in 2007 the sub-prime crisis on the global economy that has a negative impact than we estimated serious. "He also said that in 2008 China's trade friction is likely to intensify. "As of the end of March 2008, a total of eight countries to China to bring the countervailing and anti-dumping investigations, the United States to China since instituted a five-337 investigation.

Secretary, Ministry of Commerce's foreign trade by the text, Wang said that in 2008 the trend of global economic growth slowed down significantly, which may have a certain impact on China because the United States, the euro zone and Japan's exports three economies accounted for total exports to China volume of 55.3%.

Wang Wen, introduced in 2008 by the foreign trade policy, he said: "Promoting the export of electromechanical products the steady growth is still the focus of this year's work." He also said that machinery and electronic products to enhance the technological content of export products plays a significant role. In addition, optimizing export structure, 2008 will also actively expand import, the main measures include: lowering import tariffs, raising import facilitation, expand imports of less developed regions such as Africa, to strengthen early warning and monitoring and the establishment of foreign trade credit system.

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