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MOS Bearing’s marketing network

MOS in the market to locate the target, the use of modern marketing concept generation "for need to market, for need to product"------" the user is supreme." MOS from the venture from its users as "God" from the Group Chairman down to the ordinary employees are ideologically attached great importance to the market to product quality, on time delivery and quality after-sales service to attract customers, enhance the corporate image , and constantly open up, occupying the market.

MOS Group has the right to export. Group vice-chairman in Mr. Li Xiaoyong's leadership, the group has become the size of the marketing team, and has formed its own distribution network. The marketing team all year round such as day, in this rapidly changing, and ruthless big market withstand the test of temper and for enterprises to capture market information, the user needs back to business, the products promptly to users, the integrity services to customers to ensure that the At present, the Group's products across all regions of the world, exports accounted for about 60% of total output, sales of the countries and regions throughout China, North America (United States, Canada, Mexico), Japan, Korea and the EU (France, Germany, Italy), the Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries and other places, the domestic market to replace imports of the main 2003 financial year, the group product sales revenue to reach 358 million Yuan.

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