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The causes of bearing damage

Bearings are precision components, only part of the bearing damage in practical applications. Most of the bearing damage are many reasons - beyond the original estimate of the load, non-effective sealing, tight co-ordination caused by too small space, such as bearings. These factors in any one factor has its unique pattern of damage and will leave traces of special damage. Therefore, to view damage to the principal axis, in most cases can be found because of their possible introduction, generally speaking, have one-third of the bearing damage caused by fatigue damage, while one-third of lubrication caused by bad, other one-third caused by pollutants from entering the bearings or the installation of inappropriate treatment.

First, keep bearing clean and the surrounding environment, even if the naked eye can not see the tiny dust into the bearings, will also increase bearing wear, vibration and noise.

Second, the use of the installation should be carefully punching power is not allowed and does not allow for direct percussion hammer bearing, does not allow transmission of pressure through the ball.

Three, the use of appropriate, accurate installation tools to make full use of special tools, hard to avoid the use of class and short fiber cloth and so on.

Fourth, to prevent corrosion of bearings directly receive bearings by hand, it is necessary to fully wash away the hands sweat, and painted on high quality mineral oil after the operation, during the rainy season and summer in particular, should pay attention to rust.

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