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Miniature bearing, small bearing's wondrous use

The miniature bearing, the small bearing has the widespread use. It Is suitable in the high speed rotation, the low frictional torque, the low vibration, the low noise request product.


Product characteristic in the ultra small aperture's miniature bearing, the inside diameter φ2mm below miniature bearing has the metric system 68, 69, 60 series altogether 18 kinds, the British system R series altogether 6 kinds, based on this, but may also divide into the ZZ steel plate bearing dust cap series, the RS rubber bearing seal packing collar series, the Teflon bearing seal packing collar series, the flange plate series, the stainless steel series, the ceramic ball series and so on.


The miniature bearing is suitable for each kind of industrial equipment, the small rotation electrical machinery and so on; recently, these installment's microminiaturize, the lightweight, the thin wall demand tendency increased.


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