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The WaFangDian leaders visit the Mos Group

LiaoNing WaFangDian Mayor Cai Youbin, Political Consultative Conference President Liu is beautiful, municipal party committee Assistant Deputy Secretary Wang De city leaders and so on dragon compose the delegation in line with deepens the understanding. The promotion cooperation's goal, visits the Moroccan gentleman group to visit instructs. Deep groove ball bearing manufacturer Morocco gentleman group Chairman Li Ganglv the group management has received Mayor Cai and the party.  

With the Moroccan gentleman high-level discussion, Wafangdian mayor the vegetable had said refinedly that Wafangdian had only one in mind to the bearing industry, the countershaft inherits property the management and the development has formed one kind of consciousness, one culture, in Wafangdian, the bearing production has certain society and the mass base. He said that Wafangdian knew the Ningbo axis inherits property is starts from the Moroccan gentlemen, many bearing enterprises are willing to cooperate with the Moroccan gentlemen. The Wafangdian leader trip is must through visit the Moroccan gentleman group, deepens to the Moroccan gentleman group's understanding, to further give Morocco from the policy the gentleman group to support foreshadows; Next, also wants to understand that the Moroccan gentleman group regarding the concrete plan which invests in Wafangdian, so that the next step work develops effectively.

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