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Spurious bearing's harm

Because the current socialist market economy legal system is not perfect, as well as many consumers did not understand that distinguishes bearing's fit and unfit quality, or is lowered the price tempting, causes the small bearing manufacturer and the fake and shoddy bearing is flooding the market. Statistics indicated that in the current market the small manufacturer of deep groove ball bearing and the spurious bearing's percentage of surpass 60%, some area's percentage of even surpasses 80%. But the spurious bearing and the low accuracy has the very big harm because of its congenital quality flaw, thus brings the massive loss to the user.

1st, as a result of raw material limit, spurious miniature bearing's degree of hardness cannot meet the national requirements. Will have situations and so on distortion in the use, will thus affect its service life, will harm machine's other parts. Especially some high temperature bearing and high speed bearing, bearing's degree of hardness immediate influence its service life and operational safety.

2nd, as a result of the small manufacturer and Underground factory's quenching technology's limit, the spurious bearing's earthenware quenching heating temperature is non-uniform, thus causes to affect bearing's accuracy, has situations and so on distortion.

3rd, its huge technical limit immediate influence these bearing's accuracy, causes the inherent problems which this question becomes is unable to overcome, but accuracy disparity not only direct damage machine's part, but also causes the bearing to load and unload into the quite troublesome matter, even appears may install does not use, available not dismountable situation, direct damage machine, delay man-hour.

4th, some small manufacturers and illegal processing factory to reduce the cost, the use inferior steel products, raw materials and so on Ma Gang, carbon steel, simultaneously reduce the craft in the production process, these products easy to have the problem in the use process, even causes the machinery equipment abandonment directly. In order to maintain own rights and interests, the consumer besides strengthens own legal awareness, but must learn to distinguish, the choice quality goods bearing, thus avoids the harm which creates to the equipment is unable to repair.

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