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Deep Groove Ball Bearing Technology

At present, China's low-noise bearings Products compared with foreign advanced level, a large gap. To improve the level of the product, the relevant departments organized to carry out technical research activities and to achieve good results, which our country from bearing the production of power changes in the production of Powers has played an active role.

Micro and small deep groove ball bearing vibration (noise) analysis and sealing performance test of China's Bearing Industry Association of low-noise deep groove ball bearings research plan the implementation of a comprehensive and systematic inspection and acceptance. Not long ago, the expert group on the main bearings 17 domestic manufacturing enterprises to carry out an inspection and acceptance, this bearing industry of our country know the development of the status quo, a clear direction for the future development of our country and improve the overall level of industrial bearings, and promote our country by the bearing-producing countries Bearing power to change the production of important practical significance.

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