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Distinguishes true and false bearing

At present in the deep groove ball bearings market's dealer the main existence's bearing creating a false impression method includes: With hard, the carbon steel manufacture small bearing and the repair waste product bearing by the time abandoned good bearing product, this kind of product generally have the very big error in degree of hardness and the precision; The inferior low price's bearing, the place small factory's bearing product gets the big brand manufacturer the registered trademark, this kind of product confuses falsehood with the truth generally in the brand image, achieves deceives the consumer the point; Moreover counterfeit renowned big plant user, dealer, business agent, even pretends the factory on-hand merchandise retail sales department; Also has manufactures the steel seal, turns the D level bearing the ordinary level bearing typing; Adds the counterfeit goods sell in the quality goods miniature bearing product; Moreover is deceives the consumer in the product price, takes substandard products as fine products according to the consumer to the bearing product's actual understanding situation, replaces the genuine article sell by the counterfeit goods. Therefore, in regarding in the counterfeit bearing product's distinction, we may from the product luster, the quality of material, the outward appearance, the steel seal and so on several aspects carry on the discernment.


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