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The optimization manages tides over the difficulty bravely

American loan crisis's influence, this year global economic situation unusual stern. Many domestic Manufacturing firms not only face the export mass of profit which the RMB revaluation, the exchange rate reduce bring to continue to fall, the management pressure but must withstand rises unceasingly raw material expense which as well as the enterprise each kind of additional charges increases brings, the enterprise was compelled without doubt already to the beset with difficulties both at home and abroad predicament keenest struggle. Does not seek own breakthrough, optimizes the business management effectively, especially business finance management, inevitably by this unprecedented financial Tsunami submergence in invisible.

Deep groove ball bearings manufacturer MOS Group through the special business finance management and budget aspect's training, everybody believed that must implement the means which the cash revenue and expenditure two lines unify, the budgetary control take the cost control as the foundation, now the flow control is a core. At the same time, embarks from the actual situation, looks for the accurate influence business economic benefit the key question, the aiming domestic advanced level, the formulation reduces the cost, the reversing losses efficiency plan, the goal and the measure, depends upon the whole staff to lower the cost and the science and technology positively lowers the cost, strengthens the cost, the expense target control, guarantees the profit of enterprise goal completion. More importantly, must strengthen to the market wind and cloud transformation situation monitoring dynamics, has the information promptly. Better guidance enterprise's next step economical management.

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