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Bearing steel superficial strengthening method

The bearing part active face and the core in the condition, the structure and the performance requirement aspect have the big difference, but the overall heat treatment often enables two to give dual attention, the material potential also cannot obtain the full display. Not only may solve the surface and the core well using the material surface strengthening technology in the structure and the request aspect difference, moreover may also further because the surface to obtain certain special operating performance, satisfies deep groove ball bearings which works under the special condition to the active face performance request. This has the significance in the modernization scientific technological advance.

The traditional superficial strengthening method, in the craft belongs to the heat treatment category. But the modern times develop superficial strengthening methods and so on laser, electron beam, ion beam, not only apply some high technology and new technologies in the material superficial strengthening, moreover had already surpassed the traditional heat treatment category in the craft, have formed the new area of technology. Therefore present's miniature bearing surface strengthening technology may form many kinds of taxonomic approaches from the different angle, carries on the classification according to the surface layer strengthening technology's physical chemistry process, may divide into five broad headings approximately: The areal deformation strengthens, the superficial heat treatment to strengthen, the thermo chemical treatment to strengthen, the superficial metallurgy to strengthen, the superficial thin film strengthening.

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