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Deep groove ball bearing function characteristic

The deep groove ball bearing by a pair of ferrule group of retainer, a group just the ball was composed generally. Its structure is simple, the easy to operate, is the production is most common, applies a most widespread kind of bearing. This type bearing mainly uses for to withstand the radial load. But may also withstand the ration any direction thrust load. When based on this, enlarges bearing's radial direction wind age, this kind of bearing has the angle to contact ball bearing's nature, but may also withstand the big thrust load.


The Deep Groove Ball Bearings installs after the axis, may cause the axis or the outer covering axial translation limits in bearing's axial float scope. At the same time, when outer covering Kong Hezhou (or addendum circle to inner loop) has the incline relatively, (does not surpass 8-16 according to wind age determined that) still might work normally. However, namely has the inclined existence, inevitably must reduce the bearing service life.


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