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Thin-walled bearing and Dental Drill Bearing

The thin-walled bearing has realized the extremely thin bearing cross section, also has realized the product miniaturization, the lightweight. The product multiplicity expanded its use scope. Main application step-by-steps electrical machinery medical instrument work instrument instrumentation the deceleration. Variable speed gear robot optics. Reflection instrument revolving encoder

Dental Drill Bearing

The high speed whorl cog drills the handset bearing under the regular service condition, bearing clinical service life many in six months. Product characteristic the high speed whorl cog drills the handset bearing rotational speed to amount to for 400,000 revolution of/minutes. Uses internationally the advanced research and development high performance, the high strength stainless steel material, has the high anti-corrosive ability, to bear in the weak acid, the weak base, the sea water also to be possible to use. Main application medical instrument oral cavity handset chemical equipment vacuum equipment LCD manufacture equipment PDP (plasma monitor)

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