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The deep groove ball bearing has the noise reason analysis

Noise Deep Groove Ball Bearings have a very wide range of points, one by one, we analyze the following:


Big metal noise reason 1: Unusual load, countermeasure: The revision coordination, studies the bearing wind age, the adjustment and the load, the revision outer covering keeps off the shoulder position. Reason 2: Installs bad, countermeasure: The axis, the outer covering working accuracy, the improvement installs the precision, to install the method. Reason 3: The lubricant starvation or is not suitable, countermeasure: Supplements the lubricant, chooses the suitable lubricant. reason 4: The revolving components have the contact, the countermeasure: Revision meandering seal contact part.


Regular noise reason 1: Because the foreign matter causes the roller face to have the indentation, the corrosion or the scar, countermeasure: Replaces the bearing, the clean related components, the improvement packing assembly, uses the clean lubricant. Reason 2: (after steel cementation), areal deformation, countermeasure: Replaces the bearing, pays attention to its use. Reason 3: Roller conveyer surface peeling, countermeasure: Replaces the bearing.


Anomalous noise Reason 1: The wind age is oversized, countermeasure: The research coordination and the bearing wind age, revises the pre-load. Reason 2: Foreign matter invasion, countermeasure: Research replacement bearing, clean related components, improvement packing assembly, use clean lubricant. Reason 3: Spherical surface wound, peeling, countermeasure: Replaces the bearing. 


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