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Extend deep groove ball Bearing’s life cycle

From the following we discuss how to improve the life of deep groove ball bearings:

Bearing's installment is whether correct, is affecting the precision, the life, the performance. Therefore, the design and the assembly department must study fully regarding bearing's installment. The hope needs to defer to the operating standard to carry on the installment. Operating standard project usual as follows:

After bearing installment, if is not careful carries on regulates, alignment possibly causes the bearing to suffer other load, the friction and the vibration. These possible to accelerate weary and reduce bearing's service life, and will possibly damage other machine part the life. In addition, increases the vibration and the friction possible to increase the energy consumption and the premature expiration risk enormously.

In use period, must carry on the monitor frequently to the bearing movement basic external condition, for example temperature, vibration and noise survey and so on. These orderly inspections will discover that early the latent question and will prevent to present the unexpected machine to stop the phenomenon, enables the productive plan to realize, the plant productivity which and the efficiency enhances.


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