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Bearing packing method

miniature bearings: every 10 ~ 15 sets of bearings into a plastic tube, 5 to 10 per plastic tube into a box (or bag, roll bag).

  small and medium-sized bearings:

 Several sets of bearings with a polyethylene film, Kraft paper or polyethylene for external use to roll package of paper;

 Several sets of bearings into a plastic tube (box);

 Single set of bearings packed with polyethylene film bag, folded or sealed bags and then into a carton.

  large bearings:

 With polyethylene film or polyethylene single composite packaging paper and then into a carton;

 With polyethylene film bag, folding pocket single package, and then into a carton;

 Single-package into a special plastic box;

 Single set of three Packaging: inner with polyethylene film or a composite tape with the middle belt with fasteners, the outer layer with waterproof plastic infiltration. 


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