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The purpose of lubricate miniature bearings

The purpose of miniature bearings lubricated is to reduce internal friction and wear, to prevent the burning stick, and its lubricating effectiveness of the following.

. To reduce the friction and wear.

 In the composition of the rings bearing, the rolling body and keep in touch with each other part of device to prevent the metal contact, reducing friction, wear and tear.

 . To extend the fatigue life.

 Fatigue life of rolling bearings, in the rotation, the rolling contact surface well lubricated, which would be extended. On the contrary, low viscosity oil, lubricating oil film thickness not, then shortened.

 . From friction heat, cooling

 Cycle to the oil law can be discharged oil occurred from friction heat, or heat coming from the external cooling. To prevent bearing overheating and prevent its aging oil.

 . Other

 Also to prevent the foreign body penetrated the internal bearings, or to prevent rust, corrosion effects.

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